Hokusai Manga

Hokusai Manga by Katsushika Hokusai title page, red text on white paper

Hokusai Manga

Written by Katsushika Hokusai

Tōkyō, Pai Intānashonaru, 2011

Wilson Library, University of Minnesota Libraries

Original publication, Biyō [Nagoya]: Tōhekidō, 1817

Best known today for his ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Hokusai also played a formative role in the development of the Japanese comics tradition known as manga. Starting in 1814, he published a series of sketchbooks, Hokusai manga, as a guide and inspiration for aspiring artists. Sketching swiftly and grouping his wide-ranging subjects thematically, Hokusai anticipated many of the features that decades later would define modern Japanese manga: loose-limbed draftsmanship, rapid-fire pacing, dead-on caricature, and, on occasion, sequential storytelling.

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