Topotun i knizhka

Topotun i Knizhka by Il'ia Ionov cover,  helmeted figure carrying a book with a printing press in the background

Cover of Topotun i Knizhka

By Il'ia Ionov, Gosizdat, 1926

Topotun i knizhka

Topotun and the Book

Written by Il'ia Ionov

Illustrated by Mikhail Tsekhanoveskii

Leningrad [St. Petersburg], Gosizdat, 1926

International Institute of Social History, online access

A futuristic robot leads a Bolshevik-era child on a tour of a book manufacturing plant while also giving instructions for the proper care of books. The boy wears the red scarf, blue shorts, and matching helmet emblematic of membership in the Young Pioneers, a revolutionary youth movement that eventually spread throughout the Communist world. Here, illustrator Mikhail Tsekhanoveskii shares with young children his fascination with industrial-age technology. In 1929, he turned his hand to the new experimental art form of film animation and created the landmark work Post.

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Topotun i Knizhka by Il'ia Ionov interior page, helmeted figure staring in awe at several robots and machines

Interior page of Topotun i Knizhka

By Il'ia Ionov, Gosizdat, 1926

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