Loyce Houlton's Chronology

1946 Graduated from Carleton College.

1946-58 New York University, M.A., Dance Education. Studied with Martha Graham, Jose Limon, George Balanchine, Doris Humphrey.

1958 Moved to Minneapolis to teach dance at St. Catherine’s College, University of Minnesota, and married William Houlton. Choreographed “One Horse Shay,” premiered by the Nancy Hauser Company.

1959-60 Choreographed 8 pieces including “Gypsy Divertissement,” premiered at Macalaster College; Three Dances For Two,” premiered at Architecture Court, University of MN.

1962-63 Formed the Contemporary Dance Playhouse with 12 University of Minnesota students. Choreographed “Ritual For Modern Dance.”

1964-65 Choreographed “The Nutcracker Fantasy,” premiered at the Moppet Theatre, Mpls.

1966-67 Choreographed “Brandenburg,” premiered at Carleton College, Northfield. Choreographed “Pas Contemporain,” premiered at Contemporary Dance Playhouse, Mpls. Choreographed “Three-Squared Circus,” premiered with the Minnesota Orchestra, Northrop Auditorium.

1967-68 Choreographed “The Killing of Susie Creamcheese,” premiered at the Guthrie Theatre, Mpls.

1969 Changed the name from CDP to the MDT.

1970 Choreographed “Bold and Brassy,” premiered at Cedar Village Theatre. Choreographed “Bone Lonely,” premiered at Cedar Village Theatre. Choreographed “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.”

1971 MDT travels to Jacob’s Pillow, MA for the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, followed by a trip to Spoleto, Italy, to learn the new dance, “Mythical Hunters” by Glen Tetley. MDT holds the Decade of Dance Gala at O’Shaugnessy Auditorium.

1971-72 Choreographed “Wingborne” Premiered at tbe College of St. Catherine Choreographed “Revolutions.” Became President of the Mid-States Region, National Association for Regional Ballet. Became a member of the Dance Advisory Panel for the Minnesota State Arts Council.

1973-74 Choreographed “Ancient Air,” premiered at Cedar Village Theatre. “Apotheosis” Northrop Auditorium, and “Diablous” Cedar Village.

1974-75 Choreographed “Seedless Stonemoons,” premiered at the Children’s Theatre Company, Mpls.

1975 Became a Board Member of the National Association for Regional Ballet Won the Distinguished Alumuni Award, Carleton College. MDT performed for the Bicentennnial Concert.

1975-75 Choreographed “Carmina Burana” Premiered at the University of MN, Morris. Choreograohed “Knoxville: Summer of 1915." Premiered at O’Shaugnessy Auditorium.

1977 Moved into the Hennepin Center for the Arts.

1978 Won the outstanding Achievemnt Award for the Arts from the Minneapolis YWCA.

1986 Houlton fired by the Minnesota Dance Theatre Board.

1987 Houlton holds classes at the Children’s Theatre and calls her studio “A Dancer’s Place."

Loyce Houlton's Chronology