Wood Engraving

A crop of Barry Moser's art from What You Know First. Click through to enlarge.

Wood engraving carves harder wood pieces for detailed prints.

Wood Engraving is a relief printing process similar to a woodcut. The prime difference is that the image is carved with a burin and uses a harder grain of wood, allowing for more durable and intricate prints.

Barry Moser cover (click again)

Cover. Click through to enlarge

Barry Moser illustration (1) (click again)

Final art. Click through to enlarge

Barry Moser (3) (click again)

Final art. Click through to enlarge

Barry Moser:What You Know First

In a 2009 interview done by Becky Cook, Moser said, “At an artistic level, I am what you might call a reductionist. I work best when I am bringing light out of dark. Engraving is an act of pulling white lines out of a field of black whereas when you draw on white paper, you are adding, not subtracting.”

The images in this book were engraved in Resingrave, a synthetic wood engraving medium manufactured by Richard Woodman in Redwood City California. They were printed from the blocks by Vance Studley at the Archetype Press, Pasadena, California.


Wood Engraving