Celebrating Venice: On Land and Sea

In the fall of 2012, the Bell Library mounted a gallery exhibition with the same title. This online exhibit was drawn from the exhibit guide for the physical exhibition, exploring Venice from its origins as a sanctuary for refugees fleeing waves of Germanic invasions and Huns to a thriving a city state that functions as a cultural and commercial hinge between east and west.


Original artwork by University of Minnesota Student Jordana Reece, based on a woodcut panorama of Venice by Erhard Reuwich, published in 1486. Reece is a creative professional in the field of art and graphic desgin, with over eight years of commissioned work, including portraits and landscapes in oil, pencil, and pastel. She has studied classic oil painting and in Florence, Italy, and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in spring 2013. This exhibition was created by Assistant Curator Margaret Borg, and designed by Irene Hamlin, Bell Library intern, in 2013.