A crop of Taro Yashima's art from Umbrella. Click through to enlarge.

Crayons are dry binded colored sticks.

Crayon is a pointed stick of colored clay, chalk, or wax used for drawing or coloring.

Cover. Click through to enlarge

Process Art. Click through to enlarge.

Process art. Click through to enlarge.

Crop. Click through to enlarge

Taro Yashima: Umbrella

Each sketch and drawing in Umbrella is a burst of vibrant color. Within the drawing of the young girl's face, we observe green, pink, brown, blue, and yellow crayon. The image of a saddle shoe shows the soft, darker, muted colors that can also be created with crayon. Both the second and third images are from a preliminary mock up of the picture book pages, called a dummy, forUmbrella.