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A Woman's Place: Women and Work

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The stories of women as workers are as complex, varied, and engaging as the women themselves. Whether their work is paid or unpaid, by choice or by necessity, a path to freedom or a system of exploitation, the idea of “women in the workplace” has embodied many of society’s greatest hopes and fears about what it means to be a woman.

This exhibit attempts to unpack the stories of what “women’s work” truly embodies by pulling materials from units across the University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections, as well as from the Wangensteen Historical Library and the Doris S. Kirschner Cookbook collection.

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Balloons Over Broadway, Melissa Sweet, and the Engineering of a Picture Book

This exhibit shows the process of making a nonfiction biographical picture book, using Melissa Sweet's Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade as an example.

Children’s Book Art:  Techniques and Media

This is a digital resource examining the works of over 60 artists' materials and process for the making of illustrations using primary sources held in the Kerlan Collection of the University of Minnesota’s Archives and Special Collections.

Little Red Riding Hood: A Comparative Folk Tale Study

This exhibit uses materials from the Kerlan Collection with a focus on the Jack Zipes Rare Book and Art Collection. This project is a comparative study of versions of Little Red Riding Hood and a digital exhibit that can be used as a template for future fairy tale studies.

Rejoice The Legacy!

This exhibit displays original manuscript pages, artist dummies, picture book proofs, original art, and sketches selected from among Andrea Davis Pinkney’s more than 20 published children’s and young adult titles. The exhibit provides insight into one writer’s creative process as well as a peek into editorial practice.

The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter

Although the exhibit's contents cover four centuries of literature, The ABC of It is not a strict history of children's books. Rather, it is historian Leonard S. Marcus's thesis on how "books for young people have stories to tell us about ourselves," and that "behind every children's book is a vision of childhood: a shared understanding of what growing up is all about."

The Making of Picture Book Illustrations: What is Preseparated Art?

The Kerlan Collection of Children's Literature contains thousands of pieces of production materials and original artwork. Collectively these materials contain the history of modern children's book publishing. Many of the pieces of artwork in the collection, particularly those created between the mid-twentieth century and the late 1980s, bear little resemblance to the art on the page of the final printed book.

This exhibit was made possible by the generous gift from Leo and Helen Wolk. Additional support was provided by The Kerlan Friends, Ariane Dewey, Ava Weiss, and Paul Zelinsky.