Selected Bibliography

Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood 
By Mike Artell; Illustrated by Jim Harris (Dial Books, 2001)

With rhyming stanzas, we follow Petite Rouge Riding Hood through this Cajun version of the story. Petite Rouge comes upon the gator, Claude, but she ends up teaching him a lesson instead!</p

Ages: 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood 
Translated by Anthea Bell; Illustrated by Sybille Schenker (Michael Neugebauer Publishing, 2014)

Translated from the original German, this tale features stunning die-cut patterns and silhouette designs that add layers and dimensions to make a true work of art.

Ages: 9-12


Cappuccetto Rosso [Little Red Riding Hood]
Illustrated by Peppo Bianchessi (Unovonero, 2011-2016)

This Italian version is a board book designed for people with special needs. The book's fore-edge is graduated for easy page turning. The text is accompanied by PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) making Little Red Riding Hood accessible to people with varied literacy skills.

Ages: 5 - Adult

The Story of Little Red Riding Hood
Illustrated by Christopher Bing (Handprint Books, 2010)

Little Red is modeled after the illustrators youngest daughter in this tale based on the Brothers Grimm version. Detailed black and white illustrations colored with watercolor and collaged with pressed wildflowers, as if the book could be sitting on grandmother's coffee table. 

Ages: 5-12

O Capuchinho Vermelcho [Little Red Riding Hood]
Adaptation by Arianna Candell; Illustrations Daniel Howarth (Gemser Publications, 2009)

With English and a side by side translation in Portuguese, this version offers a non-violent take on the familiar tale. Features bright, watercolor, full page illustrations. Included is a recipe for the Grandmother's cake.

Ages: 3-9

Rødhette [Red Riding Hood]
Illustrated by Iben Clante (Litor, 1980)

A ginormous wolf meets Little Red on her journey to grandmothers in this Norwegian translation. Bright, cartoon-like illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Red Riding Hood
Retold and Illustrated by Christopher Coady (Dutton Children's Books,1992)  

The illustrations in this retelling use light and shadow created by careful brushstrokes in oil to set a dark tone, and it concludes with a moral. Based on Perrault's tale.

Ages: 5-9

By Lucy Cousins (Candlewick, 2009)

With broad brushstrokes and delightful primary colors, this slimmed down rendition of Little Red Riding Hood appeals to a younger audience.

Ages: 4-6

Pretty Salma: A Little Red Riding Hood Story from Africa
By Niki Daly (Clarion Books, 2007)

In this imaginative retelling, Salma is warned by her grandmother not to talk to strangers on the way to market. Mr. Dog tricks her into talking to him and giving him her basket and clothes, and he runs off to grandmother's house. Bright, cartoon-like illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood 
With illustrations selected and arranged by Cooper Edens (Green Tiger Press, 1989)

Features illustrations in ink wash, watercolor, woodcuts, and etchings from various artists from the early 20th century. Multiple representations of the most famous scenes. Based on the classic Charles Perrault version.

Ages: 5-9

The story ov littl red riedin hood
(Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Inc., 1968)

This version features phonetically spelled words and bright, whimsical illustrations.

Ages: 5-9


Little Red Riding Hood: A Newfangled Prairie Tale
By Lisa Campbell Ernst (Aladdin Paperbacks, 1998)

Set on the edge of a great prairie, Red rides a bicycle and the wolf is in pursuit of Grandma's famous Wheat Berry muffins (recipe included). Cartoon-like, full-page illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
Adaptation by Joanne Fink and Candido A. Valderrama, Illustrated by Carme Peris (Silver Burdett Company, 1986)

Barefoot Red Riding Hood, fooled by the wolf, is eaten. A passing woodsman saves her and grandmother. Bright watercolor illustrations. Story based on Grimm's fairytale.  

Ages 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
By Paul Galdone (McGraw-Hill Books, 1974)

Bright ink and ink wash illustrations feature a realistic wolf. Based on the Grimm version.

Ages 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
Illustrated by John S. Goodall (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1988)

Wordless tale depicts Little Red Riding Hood as a mouse who meets friendly animals along her way to Grandmother's house. Bright illustrations in pastel.

Under 5

Das Rotkäppchen [The Little Red Cap]
By Brothers Grimm, illustrations by Fritz Kredel (Rütten and Loening, 1991)

This German reproduction of a 1941 version of the tale includes bright watercolor illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Rdeča Kapica [Red Riding Hood]
By Brothers Grimm; Illustrated by Marlenka Stupica (Mladinska knjiga, 2011)

This Slovenian translation features pen and ink drawings with color integrated sparingly. Story based on Grimm's fairy tale.

Ages 5-9

Little Red Writing Hood
By Joan Holub; Illustrated by Melissa Sweet (Chronicle Books, 2013)

Filled with puns, wordplay, and writing advice, this version re-imagines "Little Red" as a pencil tasked with delivering a basket of nouns safely to the principal's office. Watercolor, pencil, and collage with text integrated into different lettering styles.

Ages: 7-18

Little Red Riding Hood
Retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman (Holiday House, 1983)

Grandmother and Red are saved by a heroic huntsman who skins the wolf and hangs his pelt on the door. With intricate watercolor framed vignettes, this is a retelling of the classic Grimm tale.

Ages 5-9

The Girl in Red
Story and Pictures by Roberto Innocenti, written by Aaron Frisch (Creative Editions, 2012)

A modern take on the classic tale. Red must journey across the city but loses the path in "The Woods." A wolf redirects her but has dark intentions. 

Ages 7-12

The Wolf Hour
by Sara Lewis Holmes; Illustrations by Diana Sudyka (Arthur A. Levine Books, 2017)

A mash-up of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, this chapter book discards traditional gender roles with the heroine, Magia longing to become a woodcutter like her father and unafraid of roaming the forest alone. She adopts a literate wolf pup and an enchanting and fantastical adventure unfolds from there.

Ages 10-14

Lucy and the Big Bad Wolf
By Ann Jungman (Collins, 1998)

In this chapter book, Lucy was on her way to visit her grandmother when she forms an unlikely friendship with the wolf. 

Ages: 7-12

Little Red Ruthie: A Hanukkah Tale
By Gloria Koster; Illustrated by Sue Eastland (Albert Whitman & Co., 2017)

Little Red Ruthie journeys to her "Bubbe's" house to make latkes for Hanukkah. When a hungry wolf threatens to eat her, she offers to make him his own batch of latkes while she waits for her Bubbe to return. Recipe for latkes included.

Ages: 5-12

Little Red Riding Hood
Adapted by Andrew Lang, illustrated by Jean Winslow (Golden Press, 1967)

Little Red is off to bring Grandmother a Sunday treat. The wolf beats her there, but her magic hood protects her until grandmother returns home and drowns him in the well. Detailed, bright watercolor illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
Retold and Illustrated by Jonathan Langley (Picture Lions, 1993)

Without revealing himself, the wolf reaches grandmother's house before an adventurous Little Red Riding Hood. But will the wolf learn his lesson? Bright, whimsical illustrations.

Ages 5-9

Little Red Rockinghood
By Jeffrey Leask; Illustrated by Gavin Bishop (Scholastic, 2005)

Set in the 1950s, Little Red outwits the "wolf" with a clever scheme and some fancy dance moves. This Rock Opera version contains rhyming lyrics and includes a rap music CD. 


Little Red Riding Hood
Mireille Levert (Groundwork Books, 1995)

Stylized watercolors and a plump Little Red Riding Hood distinguish this adaptation of the traditional tale. Grandmother and Red are saved in the nick of time by a heroic woodsman.

Ages 5-9

Betsy Red Hoodie
By Gail Carson Levine; Illustrations by Scott Nash (Harper Collins Publishers, 2010)

Starring young shepherd Betsy and fellow shepherd, a wolf, named Zimmo. They take the flock to bring grandma cupcakes, but wolves aren't good for grandmas. Color washed ink drawings.

Ages 5-9

Little Red Riding Sheep
By Linda Ravin Lodding; Illustrations by Cale Atkinson (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017)

Arnold is an eager young sheep anxious to play the role of Little Red Riding Hood and he has a few suggestions for the author. Whimsical and imaginative illustrations in this comical tale.

Ages 4-8

Red Ridin' in the Hood and Other Cuentos
By Patricia Santos Marcantonio; Illustrated by Renato Alarcao (Douglas and McIntyre Publishing Group, 2005)

This Latino retelling features black and white sketches. The text integrates Spanish words and culture throughout. Ignoring her mother's advice to not take the shortcut to grandmother's house, Forest Street, Red encounters a low-rider driving wolf.

Ages: 7-13

Η Κοκκινοσκουφίτσα και ο τελευταίος λύκος [Little Red Riding Hood and the Last Wolf]
By Nana Mapmapa-Dayioglou; illustrations by Katerina Veroutsou (Εκδόσεις Κέδρος - Kedros Publishers, 2002)

In this Greek tale, Little Lena is scared of the Wolf in fairy tales but encounters a real wolf in an unlikely place, the city park. Dark backgrounds frame a brightly colored red cloak.

Ages: 5-9

Red Riding Hood
Retold and Illustrated by James Marshall (Dail Books for Young Readers, 1987)

Wolf escorts Little Red Riding Hood and distracts her, reaching Grandmother's house first. Belly full, the wolf's snoring alerts a hunter. Bright watercolor featuring cats.

Ages 5-9

Red Riding
By Jean Merrill & Ronni Solbert (Pinwheel Books, 1973)

Because it is raining, Katy tell her version of Little Red Riding Hood to her brother Tony, with his interjections. Child-inspired illustrations.

Ages 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
By Beni Montresor; translated by George Martin (Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, 1991)

Little Red Riding Hood meets a dapper wolf, which leads to her demise. Based on the Charles Perrault version. Dark and chilling illustrations.

Ages 6-12

Red Riding Hood Races the Big Bad Wolf
By Richard Paul; Illustrated by Eugene Clark (Twilight Press, 1999)

In a twist on the traditional tale, Red Riding Hood uses her wheelchair to race and defeat B.B.W. (Big Bad Wolf) on her way to Grandmother's house. 

Ages 5-9

Красная Шапочка / Krasnaya Shapochka [Little Red Riding Hood]
By Charles Perrault (Moscow, 1955)

A Russian translation of Little Red Riding Hood. Illustrations in black and white charcoal drawings.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
By Charles Perrault; Illustrated by Sarah Moon(Creative Education, Inc., 1983)

Little Red Riding Hood journeys through streets and alleyways to get to Grandmother's house.  She encounters a wolf along the way. Dark, eerie black and white photography.

Ages: 7-12

Caperucita Roja [Little Red Riding Hood]
By Charles Perrault; Illustrated by Pablo Ramirez (Editorial Molino)

Angular whimsical art style with bold colors. Little Red Riding Hood finds herself in a dream-like forest that is out of this world.

Ages: 5-9

Cappuccetto Rosso Susi [Little Red Riding Hood Susi]
By Guido Quarzo; Illustrated by Cristiana Cerretti (Anicia, 2004)

This Italian iteration of Little Red Riding Hood uses bright, whimsical watercolor illustratioins and features a spunky girl named Susi.

Ages: 4-6

By Mario Ramos (Gecko Press, 2012)

Story follows the wolf who believes he is the "handsomest" of the forest. He asks everyone he meets in the forest including a dragon. 

Ages 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
Retold by Lee Richardson; Illustrated by Shirley Holt (ShirLee Publications, 1985)

Classic retelling of the story. Features beautifully detailed black and white illustrations with only Little Red Riding Hood's cloak colored red.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red Hood: A Classic Story, Bend out of Shape
Illustrated by Tony Ross (Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1978)

While chopping lumber for her father, Little Red wonders about child-labor laws and striking for better working conditions. Her liberated mother sends her to her grandmother's, in this funky tale.

Ages:  9-Adult

Rotkäppchen [Little Red Cap]
Illustrated by Adolfo Serra (Aracariverlag, 2011)

This textless version needs no words to tell the tale of Little Red Cap. Black and white illustrations with hints of red and gold create a familiar narrative of the Grimms' tale. 

Ages: 5-9

Le Petit Chaperon Vert [The Little Green Riding Hood]
By Gregoire Solotareff; Illustrations by Nadja(Renardeau, 1989)

This version sees Little Red Riding Hood take a back seat as a secondary character to Little Green Riding Hood, the new heroine of the story. Comical, primary color illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red's Riding 'Hood
By Peter Stein; Illustrated by Chris Gall (Orchard Books, 2015)

Little Red, the scooter, ventures out to take his Granny Putt Putt a basket of goodies. While in the woods he comes upon Tank, the monster truck, and his path to Granny's becomes complicated. Animated, primary color full page illustrations. 

Ages: 5-9

Lilla Rödluvan [Little Red Riding Hood]
By Aina Stenberg-Masolle (Wahlstrom & Widstrand, 1925)

This Swedish translation of the Grimm Brothers' tale is illustrated in beautiful, soft watercolor as well as pen and ink. Little Red wears a canary yellow dress that stands out against the soft pastels of the forest.

Ages: 5-12

The Complete Polly and the Wolf
By Catherine Storr; Illustrated by Marjorie Ann Watts & Jill Bennett (The New York Review Children's Collection, 1955)

A chapter book collection of tales about how clever, independent Polly outwits the "stupid" wolf's attempts to eat her time and time again. A few pen and ink illustrations break up the text and give the reader some visual humor to accompany the stories.

Ages: 5-12

Carmine: A Little More Red
By Melissa Sweet (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2005)

Carmine loves painting, especially with the color red. When she is on the way to Granny's house, she is distracted by painting a field of poppies she comes upon. As she begins painting she fails to notice danger lurking nearby. Pencil sketches and soft watercolors as well as some mixed media.

Ages:  5-12

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge [Little Red Riding Hood]
Illustrated by Edgard Tijtgat (Cyril W. Beaumont, 1918)

A French version that was made using traditional printing techniques. Pressed with wood engravings and painted with ink in just four colors (gold, red, green, and blue). Based on the traditional Perrault tale.

Ages: 5-Adult

Roodkapje [Little Red Riding Hood]
Illustrations by Truus Vigen (Uitgave Mulder & Zoon N.V., approx. 1960)

A Dutch translation, featuring a realistic wolf and bright illustrations.

Ages 5-9

Little Red Riding Hood
William Wegman (Hyperion, 1993)

True to Wegman's style, the story features Weimaraner dogs dressed as characters, providing humor to the familiar tale. Each photograph features a title caption for context within the story. Includes epilogue. Story based on Grimm's tale.

Ages: 5-9

Grandaunt Tiger [Hu Gu Po]
Retold and illustrated by Jane R. Willson (2014)

Mother of two daughters goes to visit grandmother. While she is away, grandaunt tiger deceives the girls. Disturbing details intended for a mature audience. Traditional Chinese folktale. Dark, mixed media images.

Ages 12+

Little Red Riding Hood
Retold and Illustrated by Andrea Wisnewski (David R. Godine, 2006)

Set in rural nineteenth-century New England, this retelling of the traditional tale features papercut designs and watercolor that imitate woodcuts.

Ages: 5-9

Little Red By Bethan Woollvin (Two Hoots, 2016)

In this contemporary version of the familiar tale, Red will not be fooled by the wolf's cunning games. A twist in the end puts Red on top and provides for a surprise ending. Black, white, and red full page illustrations.

Ages: 5-9

Lon Po Po A Red-Riding Story from China
By Ed Young (Philomen Books, 1989)

Mother leaves her daughters at home to visit grandmother. A wolf visits the children disguised as grandmother. Contemporary watercolor blended with Chinese panel art.

Ages: 5-9

Selected Bibliography