She Met the Wolf

Schart Hyman, 1983  

Countless illustrators have offered their interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood since it was first published more than 200 years ago. Each artist presents a visual narrative unique to their individual style and the time in which they were working. These differences are reflected in the collection of illustrations selected for this gallery. One can see how the artistic styles changed over time and various trends that emerged as time passed.

"...It is a key scene in terms of her destiny and the wolf's destiny at the same time..."

- Jack Zipes, 2017

Perhaps the most iconic scene of this tale is that of Little Red meeting the wolf in the woods. This is the scene chosen for this comparison because it is one that remains consistent in every version of this tale. It is important to note the differences in the way the wolf is portrayed (clothed, menacing, humorous, cartoonish) as well as Little Red herself (impish, childlike, angelic). 

She Met the Wolf