Original watercolor painting from Melissa Sweet's Carmine.

The creation of this digital exhibit is the result of reading more than 150 versions of Little Red Riding Hood which we recorded in a spreadsheet (pictured below). We recorded the author, title, location, publisher, copyright year, illustrator, publication date, format, language, and notes on the story and artwork. Most of this information was easy to locate. However, some older publications that we discovered lacked important information such as the author or any indication of dates which required further research into the edition.

We selected 55 of these based on our selection criteria and appear in our bibliography.

The works which were selected were also further examined to determine what author's original works were also held by the CRLC. Works by Beni Montresor, James Marshall, Paul Gladone, and Melissa Sweet are all held by the collection. Beni Montresor is featured in a mentor biography on his renowned edition of Little Red Riding Hood and other artist's original artwork is featured throughout this exhibit.