Merrill/Solbert, 1973

This Curriculum has just a few examples of how Little Red Riding Hood can be used in the classroom. These materials are flexible and have the ability to be used across a variety of grade levels. Each lesson is accompanied by questions and suggested readings which we identified as being relevant to the lesson. However, these are only suggestions because there are so many versions of Little Red Riding Hood and many others could be used in these lessons.

LESSON: Exploring Folktale Characteristics and Tropes

LESSON: Analyzing Storytelling Elements in Fairytales

LESSON: Timelines and Chronology in Storytelling

LESSON: Little Girl Lost (or Found): Examining Gender Stereotypes in Fairytales

LESSON: Wordless Fairy Tales

Children's Neighborhood Bridges Program

Additional Lesson Plan Ideas

Further Readings


Coloring Sheet