Madeline and the Bad Hat

Madeline and the Bad Hat

Written and Illustrated by Ludwig Bemelmans

New York, Viking Press, 1957

8.9" x 11"

Kerlan Collection, Children's Literature Research Collections

University of Minnesota Libraries

New Yorker artist Ludwig Bemelmans was caught short when Viking Press, the publisher of his first three children's books, declined the fourth—a tale about a naughty Parisian schoolgirl called Madeline. The heroine, it seemed, was a tad too naughty. Rival Simon & Schuster seized the opportunity and enjoyed a rousing success.

By 1953, Bemelmans and Viking were back together, and a sequel, Madeline's Rescue, won the artist the 1954 Caldecott Medal. Madeline and the Bad Hat is the second sequel, set this time in Rome.

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