Lak'ota pte'ole hokšíla Iowansa: Wo'unspe t'okahe

Cover of Singing Sioux Cowboy

By Ann Nolan Clark, U.S. Indian Service, 1947

Lak'ota pte'ole hokila lowansa: Wo'unspe t'okahe   

(Singing Sioux Cowboy)

Written by Anne Nolan Clark

Illustrated by Andrew Standing Solider

Translated by Emil Afraid-of-Hawk

Lawrence, Kansas, United States Indian Service, 1947

7" x 10"

Wilson Library, University of Minnesota Libraries

Lakota Sioux such as George Defender won fame as rodeo cowboys during the early decades of the last century. This collection of songs and verses suitable for elementary schoolchildren celebrated that proud tradition while offering students on the Pine Ridge Reservation (in the state of South Dakota) a chance to hone their reading skills in both the Lakota and English languages.

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Often readers looking at historic children's books featuring indigenous content may make the assumption that there are no Indigenous Americans alive today. The following books are a small sample of books that reflect the culture and the individual indigenous nations whose lands are unceded to the present occupiers.

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Lak'ota pte'ole hokšíla Iowansa: Wo'unspe t'okahe